Bidyo Geyms is an online blog and media website based in Bacoor, Cavite, Philippines. Its primary goal is to compile video games on all platforms for game guides, preservation, nostalgia, and enjoyment.

Kwing Herrero, a dude based in Bacoor, Cavite, and has deep love for gaming, founded Bidyo Geyms in 2022. He is an IT professional specializing in website creation, an entrepreneur and a family man. Initially, Kwing uses this website as his training ground for polishing his skills then eventually turned into an online resource for gamers.

He realized that as adults, we have less time to do what we love due to careers, businesses, growing families, and other obligations – including playing video games. So Kwing created an “online tambayan,” or a place where gamers can learn, enjoy, and collaborate.

And so Bidyo Geyms was born…

His goal is to make Bidyo Geyms a “Netflix of video games,” with curated videos benefiting viewers and contributors growing their YouTube channels.

Kwing realized that video gaming is a vast subject, so he resolved to take things one step at a time. The following is a suggested roadmap for Bidyo Geyms:

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and it keeps growing… 

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Bidyo Geyms Roadmap

August 2022
Concept phase
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Bidyo Geyms Began

From idea, to initial planning, studying, now finally started and launched the website!

Phase 1
Written Articles / Blog Posts
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Video Game Articles

Creation of engaging and entertaining articles related to old, new, and upcoming games. 

Phase 2
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This is where we add more games and watch section where you will see epic gameplays, walkthroughs, long plays, boss fights and many more! 

Phase 3
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Expansion and Collaboration

This is where it gets exciting. This is the part Bidyo Geyms will become an authority website when it comes to gaming. Collaboration, expansion and other great stuff are going to happen! 

I Want to Help and Contribute!

It’s really nice to see other fellow gamers wanting to help grow the community! You can become a contributor, or if you have other things in mind, please coordinate with me