Thank you for being so interested in becoming a contributor!​

Our vision in Bidyo Geyms is to make this website a video games compilation and online library and become the NetFlix of video games. For that vision to come true, we’ll accept your support. With this, please see the guidelines below:

I want to contribute my game-play video:

Make sure that your videos undergo the following:

  • The video format should be NO COMMENTARY. Bidyo Geyms require no-commentary gameplay to preserve the gaming experience of our viewers.
  • The videos can either be a walkthrough (split into multiple parts) or a long-play format (single video covering the whole game-play).
  • The gameplay should be 100% completed on the main story. Platinum and completion of all side quests are a plus but not required.
  • The assets in the video (video itself, thumbnails, and captions) originally came from the contributor.
  • There can be one or more contributors per game. If you are selected as the contributor, your content/s will be featured and not removed unless your channel gets suspended, which may have violated rules in the community, or you decide to remove your content and disassociate with Bidyo Geyms.

I Want to Contribute as a Writer for Bidyo Geyms (Guest Posting):

Make sure that the blog post you submit follows these guidelines:

  • The post should be original concepts and high-quality writing. We will not republish an article that was already published.
  • We aim to be casual, fun, and helpful.
  • No more than two links to your website (Note: This includes your website homepage, blog, YouTube channel, social media, etc.) in the body of the post.

We do not accept the following:

  • Anything that may be considered a link-building scheme.
  • Anything offensive to readers.
  • Anything illegal, immoral, and unethical.
  • Anything that is too promotional for your company.

What’s in It for You?

Once your content is approved, you will be able to gain the following perks:

1. Potential Growth in Watch Hours, Subscriptions, and Followings

We at Bidyo Geyms only embed the videos into our blog posts. The link comes originally from the YouTube channel of the selected contributor. Therefore, your YouTube channel will benefit from every visit to your page.

2. Backlinks on your website:

If you get approved as an article contributor, you will also benefit from getting backlinks from the website in the future. Bidyo Geyms is relatively new, and its domain rating is pretty low. Still, eventually, it will become an authority in its niche.

The team is continuously and passionately working to grow the website. Some of the tasks we do include (but are not limited to the following): keyword research, research on many topics involving games, creating more blog posts and articles, optimizing all the website pages and contents to be SEO friendly, performing website audits, maintaining the security of the website, seeking legal advice to protect the website and its contributors, and other minor modifications and adjustments to improve the experience of the viewers.

We do all these things because we believe in our vision to compile all the games on all platforms and become the leading resource for video games, and we wish to grow and pull our contributors up.

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Terms and Conditions

For more details, check out Bidyo Geyms Terms and Conditions for Contributors.

How to Apply?

Email [email protected] or contact us on any of our social media channels.

We are happy you are here! We look forward to working with you!