11 Scary Events in Video Games You DON’T Want to Happen

A successful video game’s selling points are the story and setting. As a gamer, we wanted to experience bizarre things and out of this world. But what if we stretch our creativity a little and …

11 Scary Events in Video Games You DON’T Want to Happen in real life

A successful video game’s selling points are the story and setting. As a gamer, we wanted to experience bizarre things and out of this world. But what if we stretch our creativity a little and these “bizarre” settings on video games happen in real life? That would be cool, but you would wish none of these events would ever occur.

Before proceeding, please be advised that the topics discussed here are solely for entertainment. If, by any means, you felt offended by the contents in this post, please feel free to close the tab. And lastly, the scenarios are in random order.

So, here are 11 scary events in video games that you don’t want to happen in real life. Here goes! Are you ready?

Zombie Outbreak – Days Gone, World War Z

This one is a no-no, and I just wanted to experience this only in my dreams, imagination, or just on a video game! Imagine World War Z: where these freakin’ zombies are running and want to eat a piece of you; there’s no cure or vaccine, the government has collapsed, no other way to earn money for a living, the food supply is very scarce, and you need to fight other groups to survive! Pretty crazy. 🫣😵

Scary Events in Video Games. Resident Evil 2 Remake: Claire Redfield bitten by a zombie
Resident Evil 2 Remake: Claire Redfield bitten by a zombie

Do you want to get a glimpse of it? Watch these short clip from World War Z. I included it here because there’s a game adaptation of this movie.

Source: Kimer Lorens
Source: MKR92

Not the best time to be born, don’t you think?

World War – Homefront: The Revolution

This scenario is almost equivalent to a zombie outbreak but scarier. Imagine an enormous country invading yours; they have more firepower, soldiers, more advanced warfare, and are ruthless. What will you do? 

At least, in a zombie outbreak, you can somehow outmaneuver them because they’re mindless and only want to eat you alive. But when you’re facing soldiers, you have little chance of winning. 

In addition to that, imagine the effects of war on everyone. Many lives were lost, landscapes and buildings destroyed, and many more. 

This scenario is a no-no in all aspects. Because every time there’s a war, everybody loses someone or something. 

Homefront: The Revolution Trailer. Source: IGN

Alien Invasion – Mass Effect Series, Starcraft 2

Oh no, not this one! The scenario is the Earth’s technology has evolved so much. However, other entities in outer space far surpass us, and even though humanity joined forces together, it isn’t enough to win. What would you do? 

Imagine being enslaved by otherworldly creatures, dissecting you or replacing your body parts with something alien. Darn, I can’t imagine this! 

Mass Effect 3 Trailer: Take Earth Back. Source: Mass Effect
StarCraft II: Zerg overrunning the humans! Source: StarCraft

The Rise of Supervillains – DC Universe Online

What if the people with godly superpowers emerge and wreak havoc in the city? Will the guns, cannons, and our current warfare protect us? Are we truly ready for it? When we watch Marvel’s Avengers or DC films, it’s truly entertaining, where the enemies are destroying the city, and then the heroes appear and turn the situation around. But what if there isn’t any hero to save us? That sucks. 🤯🙄🥴

Source: IGN

Battle Royale – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

How about this? One day, you wake up in a place with a countdown, and you don’t know what’s happening. After the countdown, you were teleported into a plane, given a parachute, and forced to land in a place you don’t know. 

There were guns and ammo scattered, and the next thing you know, the other people there were trying to eliminate you, and your only choice was to fight back. Then if you try to get passive, the space gets smaller, and if you stay outside the circle, you’re slowly getting eliminated. 

Sounds familiar? That’s like PUBG, or Call of Duty Battle Royale! This event is fun when you’re playing, but you would wish to avoid being on the battlefield! 

Source: Gamers Guide: Warzone

 Are you having fun with the article so far? We’re just halfway! We’re going to add more of these scary events in video games! Hold tight!

Criminals Taking Over Your City – Batman Arkham City

What if you are trapped in a city infested with criminals, and even the police cannot do anything about it? It would be terrifying, and locking your doors won’t make you feel safe. Would you play like a vigilante to protect yourself? Or wish you weren’t there? 

Being in a place like Arkham City sucks big time! Even though the bad guys are only people – they are freaks and hardcore criminals, and you cannot imagine what they’d do if they caught you! Pray that Batman will show up and save you lol. 😵😆

Source: Warner Bros. Games ANZ

Trapped in an Island Full of Dinosaurs – Dino Crisis

How about one day, you are trapped on an island filled with dinosaurs? The land isn’t safe from meat-loving predators like T-Rex and other tiny but super-fast dinos. The air, too, isn’t safe from Pterodactyls, and escaping underwater isn’t feasible, thanks to the gigantic crocs! Even steel doors won’t protect you, and even if you equip a shotgun, pray that you have unlimited ammo because these dinosaurs have thick skins that won’t go down by shooting them a few bullets! 

Source: Zaki Mc

I wish they create a remake of this memorable game too!

Vampires, Werewolves, and Other Monsters Taking Over the World – Vampyr

You are stuck in a world where vampires roam around sucking every mortal alive! And then there’s this beast who tears you apart when they see you? Can someone wake me up from this nightmare??? 

Source: GameSpot

The Order 1886 is one of the games I played when I got my PS4 Pro last 2018, and this is one of my favorite boss fights. Imagine if we faced this kind of nightmare every day. That would be terrible!

Source: Generic Gaming

This scenario is worse than being infested with zombies because vampires and werewolves are extremely tough and have superhuman strength. They have regenerative powers, so you won’t be able to beat them. 

Do you still want this to happen in real life? I bet you wouldn’t! 

The Earth isn’t our Home Anymore – StarCraft 2

Of all the events stated here, this scenario will likely happen. Our planet is slowly getting damaged, and we will be forced to look for another world. That sounds cool, but what if we’re not alone? There were savage beasts, a brutal alien race that wanted to wipe off our entire colony. 

Feeling extinct isn’t a nice feeling, I bet. I don’t want this to happen as well! Let’s take care of Mother Earth! 

Tried to find a scene close to this, but this is the closest that I can get that relates to this item. I hope you enjoy watching this cinematic. Source: CJake3

Stuck in a Souls-Like World

A curse spreads worldwide, turning people into undead, and you need to beat the god-like bosses. What’s worse is – even death isn’t an escape! How about a Dark Souls-like setting happening in real life? 

Whenever I hear Souls-like game, it automatically gives me the impression that this is insanely hard, at least for most casual players, including me. And imagine if you were chosen to be placed in this world. What will you do? 

Enjoy your new work-life environment? Lol. Source: PlayStation

Titans Appearing in Real Life! 

This one’s unique, and I don’t want this to happen in real life. EVER! Humanity is on the brink of extinction because the titans – giant humanoid, flesh-eating monsters- are on a rampage, invading and overrunning humanity one city at a time.

We may be evenly matched if our modern warfare is already in place. However, it will be a very tough battle to win, plus I wouldn’t want to get caught by one of these kinds and then be devoured! Argh, please don’t make these scary events in video game become real!  

Imagine this is the era where you live. Nope! Take me back to the year 2022! 🥴😆 Source: PS360HD2

Feeling bitin (Still want for more)? Or do you wish for more events? Good news because I added a few thrilling events! 

Minions of Hell Taking Over the Land – Diablo IV

Breaking loose on Earth is not a fun game scenario becoming real. Imagine if hell opens up and its minions are attacking everyone? This setup is very scary because you cannot win against them. 

If you’re stuck in this world, you better wish a champion was nearby and about to save you. Or you could train and become a champion as well. It would feel great to become a character that levels up through experience, but we’re talking about a horde and millions of enemies to slay! Can you beat the game, champion? 

Diablo 4: Trailer. Source: GameSpot

Trapped in a Dark World – Silent Hill 2

Of all the places to be trapped, please do not be on Silent Hill! This one’s truly scary, and being alone here is a big no-no for me! You’re alone in a massive ghost town with nearly zero visibility filled with a cult conducting a ritual to revive their deity, and they are pretty crazy too! You have to find clues to where to go next, but the place occasionally shifts dimensions, and you are stuck dealing with savage monsters! 

I cannot even imagine being here! 

There’s an all expense paid trip to… Silent Hill! For two! Wanna grab the slot? 😆 Source: PlayStation

The Mongol Invasion of Japan – Ghost of Tsushima

The last scenario is being in a small village, and barbarians from other countries are trying to take over your place. This scenario is brutal because there were no rules, remorse, or holds-barred during those times. 

Do you want to become a Samurai in this era? It would be challenging because you have to fight through thousands of invaders. The Mongols are brutal, intelligent, and cunning, so I don’t want this to happen in real life! Watch this epic invasion scene of the Mongols.

Source: Generic Gaming

Here are the scary events in video games you don’t want to happen in real life! It’s a pretty entertaining topic, isn’t it? I hope that these video game plots never occur. Ever. 

Let’s add more events here! I missed an interesting event or scenario. Could you share it in the comments section below?

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