11 Fantastic Technologies in Video Games We Wish Were Real

Like watching movies, playing video games allows us to experience things not present in our world, explore different timelines, build our character, and be present in that world. Indeed, there are mythical items, superpowers, gears, and technology that we wish we have in real life!

11 Technologies in Video Games We Wish Were Real

Like watching movies, playing video games allows us to experience things not present in our world, explore different timelines, build our character, and be present in that world. Indeed, there are mythical items, superpowers, gears, and technology that we wish we have in real life! For this article, let us discuss these technologies in video games that we want to experience in real life! 

So, here we go!


We’ve been dreaming of this since the day Star Wars were launched. Light saber is a sword used by Jedi. There are a few attempts at recreating this, but our technology still needs to create a fully portable one. The closest we got requires a hose as a source of energy. 

Mass Relay

What the heck is a Mass relay? This is a largely automated device that enables fast-than-light mass transit. This technology was seen in the game Mass Effect. This device allows spaceships to travel from one galaxy to another. If this were real, space exploration would be much more fun! However, this also poses a threat because other entities from different galaxies may also have a way to enter our planet. 

Still, this is really cool. 

First Aid Spray

First Aid spray was introduced in the Resident Evil series. It is used by the characters to heal their injuries and survive the horde of zombies, lickers, and other monsters in the game. 

Imagine if you’re gravely wounded, and all you need to do to fully heal is to use a first-aid spray? What could the ingredients inside that spray be if this were real? Would it be nanomachines that heal the body on a cellular level? 

The devs at Capcom are brilliant for making this technology in video game available. It was simple but its effects can save life and death situation for your characters. This item was clearly out of our league when this article was written! 

Russ Lyman did a great job making his DIY first-aid spray. The only missing here’s the actual content lol

Stealth Camouflage

The stealth camouflage was introduced in Metal Gear Solid 1 as an item after getting the bad ending. Equipping that item makes the game so much fun and hilarious because you can have fun trolling with the soldiers, and they won’t even see you.

I liked the Octo Camo version featured in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. This item is equipped by Snake by default and matches the environment, making Solid Snake a more cunning soldier. 

Watch this epic introduction of MGS4 and how Snake outsmarted this freakin’ gecko! 

Hope someone invents this tech soon and makes this available on shopping sites! I’m gonna grab one! 😀 

Waypoints and Fast Travels

What does this do? Fast travels/waypoints enable the player to travel to any place that he recently visited. The mechanics vary per game, but the common thing is they open the map, look for a place to go, click on it, and voila! In just a few seconds, you’ve reached your destination!

This tech’s crazy and is widely available on all open-world games! Unfortunately, it isn’t real life; we’re nearly there (in our dreams)! If this were real, this would make Waze useless because you don’t need to travel and look for directions to the places you’ve already been.

Need to know what I’m talking to? Here’s a demo? 

Save Points

This one’s big. Savepoints in real life would REALLY be a lifesaver! Imagine you have a backup of the saved points in your lifetime. You made a grave mistake during adulthood, and you can reset your life by loading the previously saved game. You’re back again to your younger self and can make intelligent decisions and choices! Isn’t that crazy? 

Watchmojo did a great job of compiling the save points in video games. 

How about in real life? Nah, there’s no technology like this. The closest, in my opinion, are journals and diaries, where you can only save the memories by jotting down your experience. 

Bulma’s Capsule in Dragon Ball

Raise your hand if you want a house, a car, or any gadget the size of a capsule! I first saw this in the anime Dragon Ball when Bulma grabbed her capsule case, picked a capsule, pressed it, threw it away, and BAM! A new house. 

I saw this tech again when I watched Marvel’s Ant-Man. Even after decades, I am still amazed at how fantastic this technology is! 

Imagine if this technology were real; life would be really cool!  

Do you want some demo? Watch this short clip. 

Infinite Respawns

This skill is like DeadPool’s! He is immortal! This is also quite similar to save points. 

Imagine if you have this skill in real life? This is fun at first because you won’t have to worry about life, and when they eliminate you, you will respawn in a different place! Having this skill is like Marvel’s Deadpool or Toguro’s brother in Ghost Fighter anime! 

This might be fun at first, but you will get bored later because of your God-like powers because there won’t be any challenges anymore. 

What do you think? I wanted to live as long as possible, but it’s not nice if my family, friends, and loved ones leave me when they get older, and I will be left alone. 

Force Fields

Having a force field is really cool! You can block bullets, lasers, and virtually anything that comes to your body for a specific time! I saw this at Mass Effect and Starcraft 2 games and it is pretty nice! This is one of the reasons why I love the Protoss!

This opening cinematic of StarCraft 2 never ceases to amaze me, even though it has been years! 

How close are we really? We are making progress, but still far from it! We may need the Protoss to teach us! Many of these technologies in video games were fictional, but they inspire us to explore and stretch the potential of our technology in real life.

Hacking phone

This one is totally cool! How about controlling almost all electronic devices at the tip of your fingertips? If your target is in range, you can hack it – like controlling electronic locks, traffic lights, electric cars, levers, access mobile phones, ATMs, etc. Life would be fun! 

You can do plenty of things with this gadget. However, I don’t recommend overusing this tool because you’ll be chased by the police for violating laws – that’s not a fun way to live, lol. 

Want to see a glimpse of how great this tool? Watch this video

Metal Gear Mk II – MGS4

For MGS fans, having a sidekick like this is pretty cool! Imagine a small robot equipped with stealth camo assisting you in the field by electric shocking enemy soldiers, providing ammo and equipment, recon missions, etc. That would be solid! 

As of the writing of this article (2023), this technology is close to completion. Robots are now getting better and better, thanks to the engineers!

Final Thoughts

So here are the technologies in video games we wish were real. Some of them are really useful, but some of them are dangerous when used improperly. Surely, I only covered some of the cool gadgets, but please feel free to share them in the comments section!

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