11 Video Games with Epic Intros

This article will discuss and share 11 video games with epic intros that you’ll want to buy or replay that game!

11 Video Games with Epic Intro

The opening moments of a video game can be crucial in captivating players and immersing them in a thrilling digital world. From awe-inspiring cinematic sequences to heart-pounding gameplay sequences, the best game introductions leave an indelible mark on our memories. This article will discuss and share 11 video games with epic intros! Trust me, watching these games will make you want to buy or pull them out of your shelf or in your online library and play it again! 

Not to mention, I also sought the experience of my community, PlayStation Philippines and Nintendo Pilipinas, and carefully selected their entries! There are too many games with epic introductions, so we need to pick eleven. Please take note that they are also in random order. 

Are you ready? Here goes nothing! 

Final Fantasy XIII-2

After a couple of minutes in the cinematic, here goes the final battle between Lightning and Caius! Then you’ll also engage in fighting Chaos Bahamut with Odin assisting you! Isn’t that great? 

FFXIII-2 Lightning
FFXIII-2 Lightning

Such a pretty way to introduce this to gamers! Square Enix did it again! To those who haven’t played this, I highly recommend playing the first game, Final Fantasy XIII, first and then this game (Final Fantasy XIII-2), and get ready for the third installment, which is Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII!

Source: IGN

Dead Space 2

Dead Space 2 is one of the video games with epic intros! After a few minutes of revisiting the game’s history, our protagonist, Isaac Clarke, is being interrogated. And after a couple of minutes – he’s surrounded by crazy people, strapped, unable to use his hands, and must find a way to escape!

Dead Space 2 - Isaac Clarke Video Games with an Epic Intro
Dead Space 2 – Isaac Clarke

Such a creepy way of starting out a game! What would you do if you were in the same situation? I’d freak out, fosho! 

Source: Junboe

Mass Effect 2

In Mass Effect 2, the game began when the Normandy (Commander Shepard’s ship) was doing some reconnaissance, and minutes later, they were attacked, and Normandy was blown into bits!

Mass Effect 2 Shepard
Mass Effect 2 Shepard

Commander Shepard, trying to save as much as he can, has been blasted out, and it was heartbreaking seeing him floating in space and running out of oxygen. Wait, this is just the beginning of the game. Why does it feel like it’s already the endgame? lol

Watch this clip, and you’ll see! Enjoy this intro replayed from Legendary Edition and in 60FPS!

Source: JELLIS Gamer

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

How about waking up and you’re in a caravan full of criminals waiting to be beheaded? Don’t you wish it was just a dream? This game’s introduction is epic to the point that someone creates a meme and is recognized by many! 

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim remarkable introduction
Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim remarkable introduction

This is definitely not a good place to wake up, lol! Good thing a dragon attacked their village. If it isn’t, then it’s game over on the introduction! 

Source: ProstoOsen

Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima’s introduction is one of the most engaging stories so far! The game begins when the Mongols invade Japan, and the Samurai face these enemies and ask for an honorable duel. However, Mongol General Khan spills oil, lit that poor samurai on fire, and does his swift execution! 

Moments after, arrows were raining, and all the samurai were overrun! There’s no more hope, but this is just the beginning! Watching this introduction will make you grab a copy of this freakin’ fantastic game! 

Source: Point Zero

Still can’t get enough of this game? Me too! I wanted to replay this gem and enjoy the view! One of my favorite scenes is when Ryuzo betrays Jin because Ryuzo thinks siding with the Mongols is the better choice for his men. Watch and enjoy!

Source: Duck360Gaming

God of War 3

Here’s another one for the record. The young Kratos has partnered with the Titans and is about to get his vengeance against the gods of Olympus. The story begins when Gaia climbs Olympus to reach Zeus, and Leviathan and Poseidon stop them. If you’ll play the game further, Kratos fought the Leviathan – this is one of the most epic boss fights in gaming history! With the help of Gaia, Kratos mercilessly slaughtered Poseidon!

God of War 3 - Gods vs Titans
God of War 3 – Gods vs. Titans

Later, Gaia and Kratos reached the top, but Zeus struck a lightning bolt at them, and Kratos fell deep down into the underworld. Such a shame, Kratos. You’ll have to climb your way up, no? 

Source: ZanarAesthetics

Uncharted 2

Of course, this article would not be complete if Uncharted 2 wasn’t here! This game is one of the greatest games on Playstation, and you’re a real PlayStation fan if you know this! 🙂

At the beginning of the game, Nate woke up and later discovered that he was severely wounded and sitting on a train on the verge of falling off a cliff! Imagine losing lots of blood from his wound, and he had to climb up and away from the train. 

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves - Nathan Drake Train Wreck Scene
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves – Nathan Drake Train Wreck Scene

This is a WTF moment and a thrilling one that everyone should experience. To those who played this, enjoy the replay on YouTube! 

Source: LoadScreen

The Last of Us

Another one of the gems of gaming, and this is so good, The Last of Us had a series that received so much acclaim and praise from gamers and viewers!

The introduction of this game almost made me cry. Imagine being with your daughter and having a simple gift-giving for Joel’s birthday and moments after. There is so much unrest, panic, and chaos! Among the video games with epic intros, The Last of Us’ intro is one of my most captivating experiences (prove me wrong, guys!)

The Last of Us PS5 - introduction
The Last of Us PS5 – Intro Scene

Oh well, I cannot explain it in detail, watch this freakin’ epic movie clip, and you’ll understand why! 


Tomb Raider

This is another one of epic introductions – imagine being in a stormy sea, a sinking boat, and you’re trapped. That experience is freakin’ uncool – but luckily, Lara survived and was trapped on an island filled with savage people harassing her! 

Tomb Raider - Lara Croft Escaped from the Cave
Tomb Raider – Lara Croft Escaped from the Cave

The first few minutes of this game are epic, which you should play if you haven’t, or it will make you replay! Watch and enjoy, guys! 

Source: TRUTH1124

Batman Arkham Asylum 

Batman Arkham Asylum is one of the games ahead of its time! The story begins when Batman takes Joker to the asylum. Soon he will be in solitary confinement, not causing any more harm to Gotham City. However, that is not the case because Joker has planned and taken over Arkham Asylum. 

Batman brings Joker to the Arkham Asylum
Batman brings Joker to the Arkham Asylum

Imagine being locked down in a place full of brutal inmates who have taken over the whole site. That’s a pretty crazy setting, good thing your character is playing Batman! 

Source: TECMan13ytv

This is the best Batman game so far! 


The game began when the North Korean soldiers raided Captain Robert Jacob’s house, dragged him out of his house, put him on a bus, and went somewhere unpleasant. While riding, Robert sees his fellowmen punished and treated unjustly. 

Homefront - Koreans invading Captain Jacob's house
Homefront – Koreans invading Captain Jacob’s house

Luckily, the resistance jumped in and saved him! Now Jacob has to take charge, rally his people and take back their country against the North Korean forces! 

Fighting for your motherland is heroic and epic at the same time. It will be against all odds, but you’re willing to do whatever it takes to win! Watch this short clip, and you’ll understand! 🙂 

Source: Snoork Gaming

In conclusion, these eleven video games with epic intros grab players from the beginning. These games remind us of the incredible power of gaming to transport us to captivating worlds and forge emotional connections. Indeed we should have included some games that are worth sharing here. Why not share it in the comments below if there are carved games in your memory? 

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