13 Effective Tips On How to Avoid Dying in Elden Ring

In the perilous realm of The Lands Between in Elden Ring, survival is a skill. This is not your typical action-adventure game where you can survive and beat the game using a hack-and-slash approach. Surviving …

13 Effective Tips On How to Avoid Dying in Elden Ring

In the perilous realm of The Lands Between in Elden Ring, survival is a skill. This is not your typical action-adventure game where you can survive and beat the game using a hack-and-slash approach. Surviving this game is vital to beating it, and the Elden Ring players that I know couldn’t agree more! With this, we offer you 13 Effective Tips on How to Avoid Dying in the Elden Ring so you can enjoy the game more. But before that, let us cover some interesting topics:

Which Game Among the FromSoftware Titles Is the Hardest?

Some gamers also claim that the Elden Ring is the most challenging among the FromSoftware games. I asked my friends, who are comfortable with Soulsborne games, and they assert that this is by far the easiest. Either way, Elden Ring is a video game that offers a very unique experience due to its difficulty and open-world features.

My two cents: I believe Demon’s Souls is easier than Elden Ring due to the availability of healing grass in your inventory. Every time your HP drops, you can retreat to a safe distance and consume a healing grass, getting back on track. I would argue that the Dark Souls trilogy is harder than Elden Ring, but that sparks a debate among Soulsborne players.

What I love about Elden Ring:

One time, I was just exploring the game, then suddenly the music changed, and a long HP bar of the boss appeared out of nowhere — congrats, you are now engaged in one of the boss fights; prepare your character to die! 😂

Aside from that, here are the things I love about this gem:

  • Open world game and explore to your heart’s content!
  • Diverse selection of powerful weapons
  • Optional dungeons to explore
  • Many enemy types
  • Great story
  • Epic bosses (especially the fire-breathing dragons, damn!) 

What happens when your character dies in Elden Ring?

If your character happens to die in this game, the grace that you obtained from defeating enemies will be dropped, and you will be revived at the last site of grace you visited. Don’t worry; you can still recover the lost grace by revisiting the spot where your character died. However, if your character dies again, it will be gone forever. Don’t get disappointed; you will surely experience a lot of that in this game.

Knowing this fact will reduce the stress of your next death in this game, lol! The downside is that many gamers who are not accustomed to these types of games (Soulsborne genre) were filled with hate and rage, leading them to badmouth the game.

Now, let’s go back to the main topic. Are you ready? Let’s jump right in!

1. Find Melina immediately to level up your stats. 

This is the first step that I recommend if you’ve just begun your journey in The Lands Between. Melina is the maiden who grants you access to your stats and more, and you can find her at the site of Grace near the Gatefront.

First Encounter with Melina in avoids dying in Elden Ring
First Encounter with Melina in avoids dying in Elden Ring

Benefits of Meeting Melina Early:

  • Grants access to level up your stats
  • She will also give you a ring and grant you access to Torrent, your steed, enabling you to travel faster.
  • Later on, she will give you access to the Roundtable Hold – a place with many features that help your character become stronger and help your character die less in Elden Ring

During my first playthrough of this game, I wasted approximately an hour and a load of accumulated grace because I didn’t have access to leveling up yet. I encountered a tough knight in the base near the Gatefront, and boom, I was defeated twice trying to retrieve the dropped grace. Don’t be like Kwing, lol!

2. Learn the attack pattern of an enemy first.

Because I was used to action-adventure types of video games, I thought if I hacked and slashed a boss, I could easily cheese it. I was wrong—I completely forgot that I am playing a Soulsborne game! Because of that, every time I encounter a boss, I am on defense first, carefully studying its attack pattern and looking for openings. Please take note that bosses here change their attack patterns and styles when their HP reaches half or becomes lower.

This ugly beast's attack pattern is very hard to predict!
This ugly beast’s attack pattern is very hard to predict!

Knowing this will help you lessen the chances of your character dying in Elden Ring. Always be patient and look for openings. Usually, these bosses pause for a couple of seconds after performing a heavy attack. You can take advantage of that moment and land 2-3 attacks.

The First Encounter with the Ultimate Noob Filter: The Tree Sentinel 

At the beginning of the game, after I got out of the cave, I was very excited to explore The Lands Between. When I first explored the Limgrave region, I saw a knight riding on a horse, holding a giant axe. I jumped right in, hacked, and slashed this freak—and you know what happened afterward. This was the first time I was devastated by the Limgrave Tree Sentinel! This is the worst way to begin playing Elden Ring, lol!

Tree Sentinel boss battle
Tree Sentinel boss battle

I decided to beat this boss with my character’s base stats. And I lost more than 300 times! Shucks, I was such a noob, lol! The Tree Sentinel was truly a tough foe, but after beating it, the experience was truly rewarding, and I felt I was a better Soulsborne gamer!

How about my grace? Might I lose it if I learn the attack pattern first?

Whenever you explore The Lands Between, you will engage in a boss fight, and there’s a big chance of your character dying even if you’re a veteran of Soulsborne games. That is why we encourage players to rest and level up always to make sure they won’t lose the grace they have gathered so far. Remember, it’s perfectly okay for your character to die and lose your grace! You can always grind and raise them again later. 

Learning the attack pattern first will save you lots of time, and you will also feel like a better gamer because you’re tougher, increasing the chance of defeating a boss faster. 

3. Read the messages left by players

This feature is available when you are connected online. Some players leave useful tips for others. However, be careful and use your discernment because some players are trolls and goofy and may leave misleading comments as well. On the other hand, some of them are funny, and taking time to read comments left by other players can be fun too!

Video Source: TaizedTV

4. Upgrade your equipment regularly.

Whenever you get the chance, upgrade your armor and equipment as early as possible. This will increase your attack and improve the probability of success in boss fights. Defense is very important, and may help you survive the treacherous world of The Lands Between!

5. Always rest at the sites of grace!

Resting at the sites of grace offers more than just replenishing your HP; it allows you to perform these actions:

  • Pass time
  • Organize your inventory
  • Level Up – use the grace you have collected to level up your stats
  • Allocate Flasks – set the number of charges for healing points or replenishing your skill points
  • Refill your flasks – these will be refilled to the maximum level
  • Sort your chest
  • Fast Travel
  • Memorize a spell
  • Great Runes
  • Equip and change Ashes of War – this allows you to have a boost in battle
  • Talk with Melina – learn more about Elden Ring by engaging in a conversation with Melina
  • and many more…
Resting at the Site of Grace avoids dying in Elden Ring
Resting at the Site of Grace avoids dying in Elden Ring

Resting at the sites of grace serves as your checkpoint throughout the entire game. If your character dies, you will respawn at the last site of grace where you rested.

I’m worried the enemies will respawn when I rest at a site of grace.

Yes, that’s perfectly okay! You don’t have to slay them all again; just enjoy and have fun exploring The Lands Between. Refilling your HP and flasks gives you a better fighting chance, so it’s a positive aspect of resting at the sites of grace!

6. Dodge-Roll when fighting all the time.

Dodge-rolling is the most basic skill you’ll use throughout the game. Did you know that every time you roll, you are granted a few milliseconds of invulnerability? That’s especially useful, isn’t it? Dodging allows you to get close to the enemy and deliver light or strong attacks. Given that many mobs and bosses deliver devastating blows, mastering the dodge-roll is crucial to avoid such punishment and will help you avoid dying in Elden Ring.

7. Perform a Back Step 

Performing a back step is akin to executing a dodge-roll. When you backstep while an enemy is attacking, you won’t receive damage. The back step is particularly advantageous for players equipped with longer weapons like the axe or spear because it covers less ground in movement but positions you for an immediate attack.

While some players including me may feel more comfortable with dodge-rolling, becoming adept at both skills significantly helps you avoid attacks that could otherwise cause your HP to drop.

Reverse Back Step? 

I’ve observed some players using this technique in PVP to initiate a forward dash and follow up with an attack. As it involves a back step, there’s an invulnerability window, allowing you to get closer to your enemy without taking damage. While mastering this move takes some practice, it proves to be a highly effective skill that you can leverage to your advantage. This video clearly explains what it is.

YouTube Source: mr. nobody

8. Avoid enemies… It’s okay.

Have you ever encountered a mob or a group of enemies trying to attack you at once? What will you do—attack them head-on or flee?

In these situations, I always choose to flee because there’s a significant risk of my character dying if I take on a mob. Shields won’t be very effective, especially if the enemies surround you, attacking from the side and behind, which my shield does not cover. So, flee or try to retreat to a safe distance, then come back later when you’re better prepared.

Fleeing isn’t a sign of being a coward, but dying because of your ego is foolishness. This game is all about survival, and to avoid dying in Elden Ring, you need to choose your battles wisely.

9. Shield Up!

This tip may seem very basic or like a no-brainer, but equipping a shield and raising it whenever there’s an enemy is vital to your survival. When an enemy attacks you while you’re raising your shield, you won’t receive damage, but your stamina will be reduced. Be cautious, as you may stagger if you run out of stamina after absorbing an attack, leaving you open. Therefore, conserve your stamina wisely. Please note that some shields do not absorb attacks fully, so be sure to choose a shield that provides full coverage.

Shields Up helps avoid dying in Elden Ring
Shields Up helps avoid dying in Elden Ring

Some seasoned Soulsborne players I know prefer using dual-wield weapons, mastering dodge rolls, and back steps. This approach significantly increases damage. However, it comes at the cost of sacrificing defense, as they lean on other skills instead of relying on a shield. I cannot do this yet, lol! 

10. Learn to Parry.

Not all enemies’ attacks can be parried, but it greatly helps if you can parry those that allow it. Successfully parrying an attack will stagger the enemy, providing an opportunity for a powerful blow to their HP. Timing a parry is more challenging than executing the Mikiri counter in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, but mastering this skill significantly increases your chances of survival in the vast, Breath of the Wild-like world of The Lands Between. This video shows how to effectively use parry to stun. He just cheesed Tree Sentinel, the boss that I find very difficult to beat!

Video Source: 阿樓LST

How to Use the Parry Skill? 

To perform a parry, ensure you have a shield equipped with a parry skill. When an enemy attacks, press L2 (this corresponds to the skill button on my DualSense controller) at the right time. You’ll hear a sound indicating a successful parry, and your enemy is stunned for a couple of seconds, giving you a chance to land a heavy blow. 

11. Use the hit-and-run approach. 

Some may label this approach as cowardly, but I beg to disagree. The hit-and-run tactic in Elden Ring is incredibly helpful, particularly when facing a powerful boss. This approach proves valuable as it allows you to preserve stamina for dodge-rolling or using a shield to defend against the enemy’s counterattacks. The Dark Souls games and Soulsborne genre are not hack-and-slash type of games, so being smart and tactical when approaching and defeating enemies is essential.

12. Use Guard Counters. 

A guard counter is a swift attack your character can perform right after blocking an enemy’s attack. Execute a guard counter by pressing R2 (Heavy attack) the moment you block the enemy’s attack. I discovered this skill during my battle with the first optional boss, The Limgrave Tree Sentinel. It tremendously helped me land a blow right after he attacked me. Unfortunately, I still haven’t mastered the parry, hehe!”

13. Use weapons with longer reach.

Not many players realize this, but using longer weapons is advantageous due to their extended reach. The only downside is the sacrifice in attack speed. Other gamers might disagree with me on this tip, but that’s okay. I’ve found it to be useful, and it has helped me survive longer in the game. 

I use a Vagabond class, and my character is equipped with a short sword and a halberd. Short swords are faster, but I need to stay up close to the enemy to deal damage, while the halberd allows me to launch attacks from a distance due to its extended reach. However, I cannot execute swift attacks because of its weight. I switch weapons depending on the type of enemy I am facing. I suggest exploring and trying out all the weapons you can find, then stick to the one that is most convenient for you.


Applying these tips will help you avoid dying in Elden Ring.

Many gamers agree that Elden Ring is a gem that must be played on Xbox Series X, PS4, PS5, or PC. Hidetaka Miyazaki has truly directed a great game. Being able to survive longer and not die immediately enhances the enjoyment of the Elden Ring for gamers. If you’re curious about which version is better, you might find this highly recommended reading: ‘Elden Ring on PS4, PS5, or PC Version: Which One is Better?

Are you hungry for more Elden Ring experience? Good news! The new DLC is coming! Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree will be released soon! As of writing, there is no confirmed release date yet, but gamers are eagerly anticipating its arrival.

Did I miss anything? If so, please leave it in the comments section, and let’s discuss it!

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