19 Great Video Game Skills and Superpowers We Want in Real Life

Many of us play video games as a hobby and escape from real-life situations. Playing our favorite character in video games allows us to access our character’s unique abilities and skills to our advantage. And …

19 Video Game Skills and Super Powers We Want in Real Life

Many of us play video games as a hobby and escape from real-life situations. Playing our favorite character in video games allows us to access our character’s unique abilities and skills to our advantage. And sometimes, we get hangovers and wish we had these video game skills and superpowers to make our lives great and more awesome. 

I used to daydream that I was Kratos, which has God-like powers like summoning my Leviathan Axe whenever I want and destroying enemies, lol! 

With this, I compiled the 19 video game skills and superpowers we wished were real and wanted in real life. Some of the abilities here are simple yet useful, and some are freaking awesome! 

Are you ready? Here we go!

Wall Run

Wall running is a skill that I saw in the games Prince of Persia, Titanfall 2, and Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order. It isn’t needed in real life, but having this skill is cool! The parkours can do this easily, but it requires training. 

Wall Running in Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order

Double Jump

An average human being can jump for almost 2 meters. Imagine if you’re like Kratos in God of War 3, where you can double jump, or like Sanji in One Piece, where he can do airwalks, then you’ll be able to reach higher places and not be afraid of falling from a cliff or building! 

This multiple jumps by Mario is insane!

Use the Force

How about having superpowers where you can push, pull, or make anything pause for a few seconds? Having the “Force” is useful in situations like avoiding accidents, preventing an object from breaking, and many more! But don’t use too much Force, or you might delve into the dark side. 

This is a sample of Cal pulling an enemy towards him using force! Having this superpower is awesome!

Source: Tomas Cruz on YouTube

Casting Spells or Jutsus!

This one’s my favorite. Imagine if we lived in a day where magic was the norm. Then we could produce fire, ice, and other elements using our magic wands and hand signs performing jutsus! If we live in this era, people will not be as dependent because, if they can learn a spell, they can do many things – but not too much, for it may cause havoc and unrest when abused usage of magic powers. 

Source: PS360HD2 on YouTube

Hadouken or Kamehameha

Thanks to the Super Saiyans and the characters from Street Fighter, childhood was enjoyable! I recall playing with my friends, firing Hadouken and kamehameha, and trying to blow each other! These are superpowers that I truly wanted, even in my childhood days, but until now, I still have had no luck gaining any one of these. 😅

Source: GoGa No Commentary

Are you enjoying it so far? We’re just halfway! What video game skills and superpowers do you want to acquire?

Level Up and Allocate Stats

Imagine if we celebrate our birthday, and we get 5 points every time, and these stat points can be used to improve our strength, agility, wisdom, dexterity, or any attribute we want in life – would life be amazing? 

Guess what? This video game feature of leveling up can be done in real life! Go to the gym and work out if you want to gain strength. Do jogging and cycling, and engage in marathons if you’re going to improve your cardio. Read books and study more if you wish to increase your wisdom. Pretty cool. 😏

Dark Souls Level Up Character
Dark Souls Level Up Character

Summoning Monsters

Summoning monsters are made famous by games like Final Fantasy, Legend of Legaia, Ni No Kuni, and the very favorite game of many people, Pokemon. How about being able to call eidolons, otherworldly creatures, and monsters anytime? You bet you’ll always be in trouble and looking for monsters to slay because you have unlimited access to this extraordinary superpower! 

Source: VideoGamersEU

Regenerative Healing

If this superpower is available to us, we don’t need hospitals, and everyone who has this superpower will live for a very long time! How about getting sick or having an injury? Then all you need to do is pause for a few seconds, and then you will heal. Watch this clip; you’ll see and wish you could have this kind of regenerative health!

Source: DarkHeartedKill

With this skill, even if you’re hit with bullets, you can still hide and let yourself heal. But this skill is not effective when a dragon swallows you up whole! 😀  


How about being able to absorb and control electricity? This superpower will be very useful in the household because you can save money on bills and charge your gadgets and other things! 

If you played Infamous 2, you’d get a taste of this power! You can use it for good or evil and get crazy with electricity! Good thing that this is only possible in video games and not in real life; otherwise, it would be crazy out there!

Source: PlayStation

Mind Hacking

How about hacking the mind of your enemies and making them your ultimate slave? You might not be the strongest, but with this kinds of video game skills and superpowers, you’ll become one of the deadliest foes because you can manipulate even the strongest. 

One thing that comes to mind is the PS3-exclusive game, Remember Me, where the protagonist Nilin can bend and rearrange memories and manipulate her enemies! Watch this fantastic cutscene of how she does the remixing of the memories.

Source: GameSpot

Bullet Time or Slow Mo 

Turning things on slow-mo is a fantastic feature. This skill helps you react faster because everything around you becomes slow. Even if you cannot break things with super strength, you can still do great things because you can predict your next move here. 

Max Payne 3 Bullet Time video game skills and superpowers
Max Payne 3 Bullet Time: Source Rockstar Games

Or how about having The Flash’s super fast skills so that everything looks slow mo? Watch this cool movie clip below:

Source: TopMovieClips

Gravity Manipulation

This superpower is described accurately by the anime character from My Hero Academia, Uchaco Uraraka. Her superpowers allow her to temporarily remove the gravity from anything she touches, including herself. 

You can do plenty of fantastic stuff by using this superpower. Imagine you want to travel from one place to another. By tapping on an object and yourself, you can quickly bring anything or anyone with you without hassle. Unlike when flying, gravity is not your friend. You must carry the person or the thing until you arrive at your desired location. Pretty cool. 

Same thing with Liara from Mass Effect Series. With her Biotics, she can make anyone or anything float!

Source: Eless Games

Capture and Control Enemies

How about getting inside the body of almost any person, thing, or animal? I saw this unique skill when my son played Super Mario Odyssey. With Cappy’s power, Mario’s sidekick in that game. Mario can get inside his enemies and use their unique skills to do a task or complete a level. Heck, I even saw Mario get inside a cannonball and fly around!

This skill is missing from my top list, but this is still pretty cool! 

Mario Odyssey Capture Enemies Video game skills and superpowers
Mario Odyssey Capture the Frog

Time Manipulation

I played the video game Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time a decade ago and was impressed with this feature. I can instantly turn back a few seconds of my moment to revert from any mistakes. With this power alone, you can glimpse the future, and if you don’t like how things turned out, you can always go back a few seconds later. 

Source: PlayStation


How about becoming stealthy and becoming invisible for a short period? This superpower is useful for infiltrations and stealth missions because you can go undetected by the naked eye and do lots of spying and sneaking!

Source: Crysis

Oh, just beware of dogs. They can still sense and smell you even if you’re not visually present! 🙂 


Does this superpower need explaining? Talking about Superman or Thor, who can fly anywhere they like. This is everybody’s favorite. With this superpower available to many, airline companies will be severely affected because no one will use their transport services anymore! 

Being able to fly has many perks – especially traveling from one place to another! If I have this skill, I will visit all areas and tourist spots worldwide in months and not worry about running out of money. 

Source: Champs Network

Flying around is a fantastic superpower, but there is still one massive place on Earth that cannot be reached by flying… see the next superpower below.

Breathe Under Water

Flying enables you to visit many places, but not all locations. The ocean is a vast place to explore that even today’s modern technology cannot reach its depths. If there were superpowers I wanted to have, they would be flying and breathing underwater. This will enable me to fully explore our planet and discover places we haven’t explored. 

Source: Jarvis Emory

Eagle Vision

When you focus, you unlock a skill that gives you a heightened sense of your surroundings. This intuition is one of the primary skills in the game Assassin’s Creed. In other games, they can discover whether a person is telling the truth or lying, sense the friends and enemies around them, and find clues.

Talking about having a radar? That would be a fantastic feat, and eagle vision helps open many things and opportunities around you!

Source: LazerzZ

Bottomless Bag

How about having a skill that has unlimited inventory space? This not-so-powerful but valuable video game skill will enable you to pick up and store everything you can get your hands on.

Just be careful not to steal and put it in your inventory because that’s against the law, okay? 🙂 

Bottomless bag Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch
Bottomless Bag Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

I believe the Bottomless bag isn’t bottomless… But I haven’t tried that yet. Any thoughts on this?

Running short on the list? Guess what? I did a small survey from my incredible community, PlayStation Philippines, and their responses are fun! Listing down their entries: 

Fast travel / TeleportationFart without Smell???? 
Restart from checkpoint / Respawn / Phoenix DownRevelio
Money hackDecrease Wanted Level
Wizards’ flying broomHesoyam (GTA Cheat)
HasteStart Money 99999
Possession JutsuKratos powers
Realm ShiftReload Last Save
Reality ManipulationInfinite Lives
Time TravelTime Travel
Multiple Save Slots

These are the lists so far, and I will undoubtedly add more to them in the future. You should check out another post, 11 Technologies in Video Games We Wish Were Real! Which video game skills and superpowers do you want in real life? What is your favorite? List them in the comments section below. 

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