7 Effective Tips and Strategies to Overcome Gamer’s Block

Here are some tips you can do so you won’t feel overwhelmed with gaming and avoid gamer’s block.

7 Effective Tips to Avoid Gamer's Block

We live in an era with an abundance of video games. However, this becomes intimidating because we must know which game to play. And this is what we call “gamer’s block.”

What is Gamer’s Block? 

Gamer’s Block is similar to writer’s block, where the writer feels stuck and cannot write. The gamer may be experiencing a lack of motivation when playing, feel overwhelmed with the game choices, and have difficulty choosing the game he should play. In some cases, they are already playing the game, but they do not seem to enjoy it despite the great reviews of that game. 

Reasons why gamers experience Gamer’s block

  • Stress from being unable to complete the backlog
  • The feeling of I finished the game first!
  • Lack of time
  • Too many video game choices
  • There are too many gaming platforms to choose from (PC, mobile games, consoles, game websites) 
  • Completing games has become a chore
  • Hype

This happened to me many times because I subscribed to PS Plus Premium and PC Game Pass; I also bought many digital games on sale on the Nintendo E-Shop and PlayStation store. I also downloaded free games on my Android and IOS devices, which adds to the confusion! Imagine the challenge it gave me, and I realized that video gaming was horrific, haha! This should not be taken lightly because the gamer’s block already happened to many people. 

PC Game pass list of all FREE games
PC Game pass list of all FREE games

Gone were the days when we were young and studying. During a long vacation or end-of-school days, we play the games available on our SNES consoles or GameBoy and let the time slip. Sometimes, I wish time would stop, and I’d go back to being one of the college students with unlimited allowance and time freedom, living my life and not having to worry about many things, lol!

As you read this post, the game developers and console manufacturers are pushing forth with their plan to launch the next game or develop the next console! This feeling could be better because instead of feeling excited, playing games and finishing them have become chores. We experience what others call “gamer’s block,” similar to writers and artists when their creativity isn’t running at 100%, or they have no idea what to produce next.

Here are some tips you can do so you won’t feel overwhelmed with gaming and avoid gamer’s block. Here it goes!

1. Make a list of the games you wish to play. 

Making a list of titles of your favourite game to play next as a goal is a great way to avoid gamer’s block. Here are some benefits:

  • This approach clarifies and lets you focus on your current games. 
  • You can play them in order of priority. You play a specific game you like the most, and you only look at your list.
  • This also helps you look forward to the next game you’ll play. 
  • You won’t spend much time choosing because of your list. The other great games can wait!
My list of games to play this 2024
My list of games to play this 2024

Don’t be a victim of shiny object syndrome, and try everything at once. Trust me, it will become a waste of time. The time spent being confused is wasted, so stick to your list and become fully immersed in the story and gameplay. 

2. Stick to one or two games at a time. 

Indulge in one game only and experience the game to its fullest. You can complete the main story only, reach 100% completion, unlock the platinum trophy, or see the diamond notification. Only think of different games once you finish these two. I love role-playing games, and I play them for a long time because they are really enjoyable! 

Last year, when I subscribed to PC Game Pass, I downloaded and tried all the games as much as my hard drive could handle. I could play my favorite games for a few minutes and then start another new game. I immediately experienced gamer’s block because of the overwhelming choices. All of these are great. However, I stared at them and did not even run the app! 

3. Don’t be a victim of FOMO; Buy all the hottest games despite many backlogs. 

If your budget is limited, this is incredibly costly, and buying the new games all at once only piles up your backlog. Refrain from feeling pressured if you play the game years late. Remember, there is no deadline for gaming. – as long as you are enjoying, then that’s what matters! It is entirely up to you on which game you play first, and you ultimately control your preference.

Did you know I also have many PS2 and PS3 games that still need to be completed? And yes, that’s perfectly okay! Imagine the horror story if I make this a big deal. Now I bought a PS5 and enjoying it! Good thing, I am following my list, so I don’t feel overwhelmed at all!

4. Cancel your game subscription temporarily. 

Canceling your subscription is a good idea but an unpopular tip because we’re supposed to play as much as possible. However, in this case, we are removing the clutter temporarily so you can choose between your physical library or some games you purchased in the past and just parked in your game library. In addition to that, a subscription that has not been used is considered a waste of money. So you are doing yourself a favor and saving some bucks. You can always resubscribe to these services anytime! 

Cancel PlayStation Plus Subscription
Cancel PlayStation Plus Subscription temporarily

My PS Plus Premium Subscription has already lapsed, and I felt bad because I’m kissing goodbye to the library of amazing games! But I realized that’s okay. I am now staring at my physical collection and choosing to play my backlogs again. I felt I was “back on track” when finishing the games I bought in the past. 🙂

5. Try online gaming, multiplayer, or couch co-op games!

Are you getting bored playing open-world or linear story games? Playing without thinking about the next mission, completing a side quest, or leveling your character is okay. Sometimes, ranking up and winning a competitive match is a great alternative! These co-op games are fun and help you avoid gamer’s block. Try multiplayer, co-op, or other online games. You need a stable internet connection, and there it is! Go out and have some fun! 

Call of Duty: Mobile on my Ipad and using Dual Shock 4 Controller
Call of Duty: Mobile on my Ipad and using Dual Shock 4 Controller

I play Call of Duty: Mobile with my wife, ten-year-old son, and sister-in-law. I’m an average, casual gamer of these types, and they beat me almost always. I also don’t get MVP that frequently, but interacting with others, laughing when something silly happens, and talking with them about the previous match pack are lots of fun and also addicting! No wonder these games have high replayability because they’re fun to play with friends! 

Here are some of my highly recommended online games:

and many more! Most are free to play; you must register for an online account. You also have the option to make in-game purchases, but it may cost you more. 

Also, please take note that excessive screen time and playing too many video games have negative effects and may not be good for your mental health, so always play in moderation.

You can also try pastime games like Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, etc. These games use strategy and creativity. Even these games are considered old, but they’re still doing great! The possibilities are endless, and I’m telling you – games are abundant nowadays! If you’re looking for a list of games, Wired has a good list of 25 best online co-op games.

My Clash of Clans noob base build
My Clash of Clans noob base build

6. Pause and take some rest.

One of the most neglected but very effective ways to avoid gamer’s block is sleeping! Turn off your game console; putting off your favorite games is perfectly okay! 

The cat is sleeping. Photo from Unsplash
The cat is sleeping. Photo from Unsplash

We feel overwhelmed if playing or completing a game is treated like a job that needs to be finished as quickly as possible. I know a lot of gamers who experience this. If your body feels tired, take some rest. Sleep and rest must be top priorities and shouldn’t be exchanged for other things. It would be hard if we became sick, so always prioritize your body before other stuff because if you get sick, everything else will be limited.

As adults, this is often the case. We are way too busy with making money to improve our lives, our growing careers, growing families, and other goals. Let us not treat gaming as an obligation to ourselves to finish but treat it as a tool for us to relax and enjoy, just like watching movies and enjoying the scenes.

7. Turn the console off, go out, have fun, and return to gaming after a while.

Going out is one of the most effective ways to avoid gamer’s block. Maybe you spend too much on your monitor, cell phone, or electronic devices. Turn off your web browser, social media, and mobile devices, and do something else.

Here are the interesting activities you can do aside from gaming:

  • Going to the gym
  • Run a marathon
  • Swim at the Beach
  • Take a walk at the park or neighborhood
  • Meet with friends
  • Invite a friend over a cup of coffee
  • Visit your parents and family members
  • Travel to different provinces or country
  • Start a hobby like painting
  • Engage in sports like basketball, volleyball, soccer, badminton, bowling, 
  • Play board games like chess, darts, etc
  • Try out self-defense or contact sports like Boxing, Muay Thai, Taekwondo, etc
  • Drawing
  • Planting
  • Read a book

and many more…

There are so many activities that you can do to replace gaming, and I guarantee that taking your mind off gaming will remove the gamer’s block on you. Most of these things are also great for our health condition and help promote personal growth. Engaging in other activities will enable you to learn something new and shift your focus away from gaming. Some people go away from gaming because of their newly found hobby, and other gamers say they are more excited when they turn on their consoles. I recommend playing a new sport or something that has many physical activities. 

My wifey and I enrolled on a boxing session once a week. It’s so tiring, but great!
Travel to Switzerland. Photos on Unsplash

Whenever you engage on these activities, please refrain from bringing your handhelds and try not to talk about games (I know this is hard, but try it anyway) – you will love it!


Regardless of the activity, number of hours spent on gaming, or your setup, the most important thing is you enjoy playing and never experience gamer’s block. Remember, there are no deadlines whenever you feel this, so feel free to play these games at your own pace.

I hope these tips help you feel in control and avoid gamer’s block. I am sure I missed some other helpful information. Feel free to share them in the comments section below. Please check my other article, 9 Effective Time-Saving Hacks So You Can Play More.

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