9 Effective Time Saving Hacks to Play Video Games

As adults, we become busy with life: careers, growing children, families, and many more. But, since we only have 24 hours a day, I have difficulty finding the time and playing video games. I often feel this whenever I want to set aside a few hours playing: The feeling of guilt for thinking I am wasting my time and should spend on getting closer to my goals or sleep instead. 

Do you feel this too? Don’t be ashamed. Others might say gaming wastes time, but I sincerely beg to disagree. Playing video games has many benefits, like relaxation, and helps us enjoy life. Here are the 9 effective, time-saving hacks to play more games:

Play at least an hour per day and set a timer. 

If it is essential to you, you will find time regardless of how busy your schedule is. Setting aside an hour is a good number, and don’t forget to set the alarm to be reminded to take a break or call it a day. 

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Play more on weekends and your off days. 

Make it a point to enjoy your rest day by playing video games. Two hours is a good number to play.

Increase your Focus to Finish Other Tasks

If you can complete the job faster, you will free up more time and feel good about accomplishing many tasks. Eliminate distractions, and you will be rewarded with more playtime. 

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Substitute or replace other hobbies on your ‘Me-Time’ with playing games.

Do you watch NetFlix, read the news, spend a few hours on YouTube, or do other activities during your free time? Why not fork a portion in it and dedicate it to playing games?

Delegate tasks to free up more time

Maybe you are doing too many low-priority and time-consuming activities at work or home? Try delegating minor tasks to your subordinates or peers if you’re at work. House chores are also time-consuming, like washing the dishes, sweeping the floor, raising kids, etc. Hiring a helper or a nanny may cost you a few dollars, but the time it frees up is vast, and you can do more productive things and play games. 

Say no more often to avoid getting more commitments. 

In our society, saying no is being branded as wrong and not friendly. But in some cases, saying no or declining on something helps you take control of your time. My suggestion is to politely and humbly decline to avoid miscommunication with others.

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Prioritize your games

 Sometimes we punish ourselves by buying too many games then our game backlogs pile up. I suggest buying only the games you want to play the most so you won’t feel burdened. This solution helps you lessen your backlogs.

Go portable

If you are always on the go, buying a portable console like Nintendo Switch, old-school gadgets like PlayStation portable, or the upcoming Steam Deck is a good move. Or, if you prefer playing with your console, you can buy a portable monitor, console bag, and accessories for mobility. Watch this video to view an example of going portable:

Source: Austin Evans

Watch on YouTube

And the most convenient so far is to watch the gaming videos of your favorite content creator on YouTube. From 2012 – to 2015, I built my business and had no time to spare for playing games, so my solution was to watch and finish games by watching on YouTube. So I watched the videos of TheRadBrad and Boss Fight Database


Solving the issue of having no spare time is also one of the reasons why we are working to build our online collection of game walkthroughs, long-plays, and boss fights here in Bidyo Geyms – we wish to help people who are gamer-by-heart to be busy. Check out our growing collection of walkthroughs, long plays, and boss fights

By now, you should gain effective, time-saving hacks to play more games. I strongly suggest you try at least 1-2 tips here because many gamers in the adulting stage have very little time and too many backlogs of video games.

I hope you get value from reading this post! Let us know in the comments if I missed anything. Enjoy gaming!

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