Do Not Wait for Retirement and Play Now! Here’s Why

Are you busy with your life and you have no time to play today? Do not wait for retirement and play now! Here’s why you should.

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Being an adult is a really demanding but also rewarding phase of life. There is a high demand for different aspects of life. Things like raising money for the family, preparing for retirement, spending more time with growing kids, taking care of parents getting old, and many more. And because of this, adults like us have very limited time to do the things that we love. 

The days of playing until morning, playing with friends on a couch or via the Internet, were gone. One solution that I thought of was to collect games and play them when I retire. However, I realize that piling up backlogs is not a good move. We shouldn’t wait for retirement, play responsibly today as much as we can, and enjoy life while we can. 

Couch coop with friends
Couch coop with friends – how I wish I could do this again (Stock photo from Pexels)

Are you busy with your life and you have no time to play today? Do not wait for retirement and play now! Here’s why you should.

We won’t run out of backlogs. Period.

Here’s some bad news for you. 

The video game industry will never stop creating and publishing new games. Ever. 

As of the moment, new games are being developed. Old games are currently being remastered and remade (remaked—what’s the correct word for this? lol), DLCs are being released to create new content for the game, a new season for multiplayer games is being launched, etc. 

The reality is that a lifetime isn’t enough to play them all! 

So, just live in the moment and enjoy the game that you’re playing! 😊

My kids with my video game collection and backlogs
My kids with my video game collection and backlogs

Some rare games are very expensive! 

Most games drop in value after a couple of years. One good example of this is the games on the PS3. Once upon a time, a brand new PS3 game ranged from 50 to 60 USD. But now, it is dirt cheap, and you can get a great title for roughly 5–10 USD each! The cheapest amount that I got was $2!! However, in rare cases, some games go up! Over time, the physical copies are very hard to find, and only a few copies remain; their prices go up to 4 or 5 times their original price. I saw this happen, especially in the PS2 JRPG category, and this frequently happens in the older generation of Nintendo. 

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The game you’ve been putting off, hoping that it goes down years later, may be super expensive! It was not a smart move, in my humble opinion. I believe the best approach is to buy the games at a very low price, pop them up on your console, and enjoy them to your heart’s content!

Our bodies won’t be able to keep up.

As we age, some diseases start to develop and appear (*** Hopefully this does not happen to everyone***), and believe me, Sickness can greatly hinder people. I’ve seen this happen to many people around me (family members, relatives, neighbors, etc.), and once this strikes us, we cannot function 100%. 

Gone were the days of being energetic and feeling invincible! A few steps on the stairs feel like we participated in a marathon. To my batchmates born in the 1980s and 1990s, I’m sure you know what I am talking about! 😅😆

Old couple sleeping on a boat meme - credits to the owner
Old couple sleeping on a boat meme – credits to the owner

By the time we’re old enough, our minds might want, but our bodies cannot keep up anymore. Our vision may be altered, our reflexes may be slow, and we may not be able to beat that Elden Ring boss that we keep rescheduling the next duel! 

Our console and games are getting old too!

As time progresses, so do consoles and games too. If we collect physical games and consoles today, these devices might not be able to function after a couple of years. Restoration of the consoles might get more expensive, and it’s not guaranteed all of them will be playable, so it would be a waste if we’re ready, but our games and gadgets can’t function anymore. 

Team Digital wins in the long haul.

This is also one of the reasons I switched to Team Digital and Team PC. The old games run smoothly with very little concern for backward compatibility. With Team Digital, I can also purchase newer hardware. Then open the Steam Library, look for the game I want to play, download it, and once it finishes downloading, I can play it to my heart’s content without worrying that the console or game might break down due to old age. 

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I have plenty of friends that are part of Team Physical, and it’s perfectly fine too! It takes more space and extra cost to maintain the collection, but entering a room full of your beloved game collection is everyday bliss! 😍😎 Entering the room improves their mood, inspires them to go further and hunt for more awesome stuff to add to their collections! I love to visit one’s mancave and be inspired too! 

Change of interest

Maybe as the years go by, our thirst for gaming will subside and we will lose interest. If that happens, the games we have collected may be a waste because we might want to travel the world, spend more quality time with our grandchildren, etc. Let’s hope that is not the case. 


I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again:

We live in a golden age for gamers because of the abundance of great games! Do not wait for retirement and play now!

Kwing Herrero

We understand that, as adults, we are so busy living that we forget to enjoy the fruits of our labor. Play fully but play responsibly. Make sure you finish the most important things first, like your job, studies, tasks, chores, errands, and other matters, before you play.

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