How to Dodge-Roll and Reverse Backstep in Elden Ring

In Souls games like Elden Ring, you will encounter many enemies. Trust me, it will be very hard if you do not learn the basics. We will discuss in this article the skills like dodge-roll …

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In Souls games like Elden Ring, you will encounter many enemies. Trust me, it will be very hard if you do not learn the basics. We will discuss in this article the skills like dodge-roll and backstep in Elden Ring. You will also learn an optional but pro-move, which is reverse backstep. 

Are you ready to learn? Let’s jump right in! 

What are dodge-roll and backstep?

A dodge-roll and backstep is a basic skill just like attacking. You will be performing it to survive the harsh environment in the Lands Between. You can execute a dodge when you press the circle button on the PS5. For PC players, you need to check the keyboard mapping.

When fighting a boss in this game, my favorite moves are dodge roll forward, and backward, but sometimes I perform a back step. 

Dodging versus blocking? 

Here is some information about blocking: 

Blocking using shields

  • Blocking enables you to defend against an enemy attack head-on. 
  • You can also perform a guard counter (by pressing the R2 or heavy attack the moment the enemy lands its attack on your shield).
  • The enemy’s attacks may break your guard if you run out of stamina from blocking a strong attack.
  • Your defense against attacks varies depending on the shield you equip. Some shields have 100% damage reduction, but they are weak against magic.

Dodging (using backstep)

  • Dodging allows you to completely avoid the enemy’s attack.
  • You change your position and may find an opening to counterattack.
  • The stamina reduction of a dodge-roll is small, allowing you to perform a series of attacks when you find an opening.
  • You need to time the dodge perfectly or else you will take the full damage from the enemy’s attacks

So which do you prefer? 

Benefits of Dodging and Backstepping

  • Avoid the enemy attack so your character won’t receive damage from the enemy.
  • Gain enough distance so you can counterattack, cast a spell, heal, restore your FP, use an item, plan the next move, or run away from the enemy.
Avoided an attack using a backstep
I avoided an attack from a knight using a simple backstep

What is a reverse backstep? 

This is an uncommon skill, and this move was just invented by Souls gamers. However, it is useful, especially in PVP, because you will be able to close the gap between your character and your enemy. 

Reverse backstep is only applicable to characters equipped with melee right-hand armament. I haven’t seen other builds that use ranged or magic-type users perform this step. Maybe because they’re attacking from a distance, they don’t need it? 

How do you do a reverse backstep? 

Perform a strong attack using R2, and while your character is attacking, double attack, or performing a charge attack, press these buttons almost at the same time: 

  • circle (o) or dodge button
  • tilt the joystick down so that your character faces backward

To see if it is executed successfully, your character’s movement should be like dashing toward your enemy. Watch this video and keep replaying it until you understand how it works:

Video source: Four Fingers

Since it is considered a dodge, your character will not receive any damage from the incoming attacks, as well as a critical hit.


Now that you learned the dodge-roll and backstep in Elden Ring, you now have a competitive edge against the enemies, and increase your chances of surviving! The reverse backstep is completely an optional move, but it adds variation when playing. You can still win a PVP and drive away an invader even without using the reverse backstep. 

Off-topic: Are you ready for the Shadow of the Erdtree?

The Shadow of the Erdtree DLC will be released on June 21, 2024. Are you ready?

As of writing this game, I am stuck with the Godskin Duo in the Dragon Temple, Crumbling Farum Azula! (Darn, I’m such a noob!) I also have hundreds of backlog games, so I think I won’t be able to purchase them on the day of their release. But that’s okay! You can freely buy and play it as you wish. Just don’t forget to have fun! 

What I am looking forward to are those players who buy it on the first day of release, and then sell it on the second! 😆 That happened in the first few weeks when Elden Ring was released. It has received a lot of hate and negative comments because many casual gamers who haven’t played any Souls games got excited and went ahead and tried it, thinking that Elden Ring is a hack-and-slash type of game. They were busted and sent out by the famous noob filter, the Limgrave Tree Sentinel! 

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Anyway, that’s it. I hope you learn something new from this article and blog! Please leave comments below if you have any questions! 

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