Elden Ring: What Happens if I Refuse Melina’s Offer?

Elden Ring is a vast open-world game where you are free to explore. However, this game is also very hard, and the bosses are punishing. One of the key things that will happen throughout the …

Melina's first appearance in Elden Ring and offers an accord to the Tarnished.

Elden Ring is a vast open-world game where you are free to explore. However, this game is also very hard, and the bosses are punishing. One of the key things that will happen throughout the early game is to meet Melina and offer support when you explore the Lands Between in exchange for escorting her to the foot of the Erdtree. The recommended answer when Melina offers her accord is to ACCEPT it because she can greatly help you in your journey. This is also the most common response by gamers when they play Elden Ring. But I’m curious… What happens if we decide to refuse Melina’s offer? 

Before that, watch this scene where our character meets Melina for the first time:

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Let’s explore that here. But first, let us answer these questions:

Who is Melina? 

Melina is a mysterious girl with a strange tattoo on her left eye. She is also a “Finger Maiden,” who serves as a guide for Tarnished warriors in Elden Ring. Because your character is “maidenless,” Melina will offer an alliance with you. The main role of your maiden is to guide your character on the journey to the Lands Between. 

  • She will give you access to Elden Ring’s horse, Torrent, the spectral steed that is very useful in exploring the Lands Between. There are many important parts of Elden Ring that you cannot navigate without Torrent, like jumping in between cliffs and going to places that require the horse’s double jump ability. 
  • She is the only way for you to level up your character, which is especially useful for defeating the hard bosses and reaching the end of the game.
  • She holds access to the Roundtable Hold, a place where other adventurers, warriors, craftsmen, and other notable characters in the game gather together. You can do plenty of things here, like learn new spells, buy equipment, and do other things that you cannot normally do in the Lands Between.
  • and many more! 
Melina's first appearance in Elden Ring and offers an accord to the Tarnished.
Melina’s first appearance in Elden Ring offers an accord to the Tarnished.

Where can I find Melina?

You will meet her for the first time when you visit the third site of grace near the Gatefront. This is pretty easy to locate, and this event is roughly 10 minutes after the start of the game. When you rest at a site of grace, Melina will appear there, and a cut scene will occur. 

What is a Site of Grace?

This is a bonfire where the Tarnished rests and serves as a checkpoint in Elden Ring. Resting at a site of grace enables your character to replenish the flasks, use runes that you gathered from defeating enemies and increase the stats of your character, sort your inventory, and many more. Please note that when you rest at a site of grace, the enemies you defeated will also respawn, except the bosses.

Site of grace in Elden Ring
Site of grace in Elden Ring

I refused Melina’s offer for the first time. Can I accept her next time? 

Yes, go back to any site of grace and the option “Talk to Melina” will be available. She will reappear and ask you again. This time, be sure to accept Melina’s offer so you can unlock the game’s features. 

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I refuse Melina, so what? 

Refusing Melina is allowed in the Elden Ring. However, you will experience game-breaking repercussions like not being able to use rune fragments, level up your character’s stats, and improve the strength of the tarnished, which is very hard for new gamers because the damages inflicted in a boss fight are punishing and can destroy your character in a series of blows. And since you cannot level up, you won’t be able to equip different weapons or armor and will not be able to use spells that require higher stat requirements. 

In addition to that, you won’t be able to use Elden Ring’s horse, Torrent, so you have to walk for long distances. Other crucial scenarios are when you’re surrounded by a horde or you’re low on HP and need to retreat. In these scenarios, you will appreciate Torrent available for summoning anytime and aid you. Sure, there are waypoints across the map, but it is still inconvenient and cumbersome to explore the Lands Between by running. 

Spectral Steed, Torrent in Elden Ring
Spectral Steed, Torrent in Elden Ring


Choosing to accept or decline Melina’s offer is entirely up to the gamer. The choices here offer pros and cons. For a new gamer in Elden Ring, accepting Melina is the recommended choice. Maybe you can try refusing Melina’s accord on your next playthrough. Some players do this experiment in their NG+3 or NG+4, and since their characters are already strong and some are truly skilled, they find it easy to beat the bosses. They can easily navigate and play around the Lands Between without relying on Melina.

That’s the beauty of playing an open world game. The good news is that you are free to choose whether you will focus on the main story or just explore the Lands Between and enjoy the side quests available. At first, my favorites were Demon’s Souls and Sekiro, but now Elden Ring is my favorite FromSoftware game! 

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