How to Respec My Character’s Stats in Elden Ring

In From Software games like Elden Ring, players like us have the freedom to choose our character’s builds. However, during the game, we might misallocate the stats, which may lead to a low defense. And …

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In From Software games like Elden Ring, players like us have the freedom to choose our character’s builds. However, during the game, we might misallocate the stats, which may lead to a low defense. And when we encounter bosses, we might find it difficult to defeat them and progress with the game. 

Good news! Because Elden Ring allows us to reset the character’s attribute points, reassign them to different stats, and grow our character as we see fit! In this article, we will cover everything we need to know about resetting our character’s stats, or the process we call respec in Elden Ring!

Are you ready to discover this useful feature? Let’s jump right in! 

What is Respec in Elden Ring? 

This is a procedure in Elden Ring where you can perform stat distribution on your character. This process will revert to the character class’s base value and allow you to re-spend the skill points you have earned up to this point of the game. 

Why do we need to reset the stats? 

  • You made a mistake in the allocation of the stats during the game.
  • You want to try a different build for your character.
  • You want to try equipping different weapons and armor.

How to Respec? 

You need to reach the Liurnia of the Lakes Region in the Lands Between; this is located past the Limgrave and Stormveil Castle. You will need to travel to the Raya Lucaria Academy, which is located at the center of the lake. This means you have already encountered several boss fights to reach this location. But to unlock the respec process, you need to beat the main boss, Queen Renalla of the Full Moon. In exchange for the respec process, you need an item, which is a larval tear.

Frequently Asked Questions:

When is the best time to respec my character? 

It depends on you. You can do it in the early game, mid-game, or late-game. However, my recommendation is to respec early so that you can explore other builds as well. If you don’t like the new build, you can always go back and respec your character’s stats. 

Are there ways to reset the stats of my character?

There are only two ways to reset your stats; these are via:

  • Respec using Larval Tears
  • Create a new game. Once you start a new game, you will begin at your character’s base value of the stats. 

I recommend choosing a class you are comfortable with at first, and finishing the game on a single playthrough. Once you’re done with the game, you may continue with the NG+ or start fresh with a new character. 

I made a mistake by resetting my character’s stats. Can I respec again? 

Yes! as long as you have the item requirement, which is larval tears. There are a limited number of larval tears. The total number of times you can reset your character’s stat points is 18 times. 

What is a larval tear? 

This is a rare item that Queen Renalla requires, and in exchange, it allows you to respec your character’s stats. It looks like a bean or a seed, and it can be found in several locations across the Lands Between. 

Where can I find larval tears? 

Here are the 18 larval tear locations. Please note that you can visit them in any order:

  1. Agheel Lake, south of Grace. The enemy will turn into a giant bear and drop a larval tear after you beat it. (Limgrave region)
  2. Village of Albinaurics (Liurnia of the Lakes region)
  3. Boss lobster in areas near Rose Church and Boilspran Shack (Liurnia of the Lakes region)
  4. Caria Manor graveyard (Liurnia of the Lakes region)
  5. Caria Manor servant, Pidia, who is a friendly NPC (Liurnia of the Lakes region)
  6. Caelid Highway, south of the Site of Grace and west of the Cathedral of Dragon Communion (Caelid)
  7. A wandering noble in the unnamed ruins (Atlus Plateau)
  8. Flaming putrid corpse, the road of iniquity, Site of Grace (Mt. Gelmir)
  9. half-buried wandering noble (Consecrated Snowfield)
  10. Sold by merchant for 3,000 runes (Siofra River)
  11. Stone building southeast area (Nokron Eternal City)
  12. Inside a gazebo, there is a corpse carrying a Larval Tear (Nokron Eternal City).
  13. Silver sphere at Night’s Sacred Ground (Nokron Eternal City)
  14. Mimic Tear boss fight reward: 2 Larval Tears (Nokron Eternal City)
  15. Silver sphere on the bridge (Nokstella Eternal City)
  16. A silver sphere from the ceiling at the northeast building after the bridge (Nokstella Eternal City)
  17. Silver spear at the top of the stairs (Nokstella Eternal City)

Here’s another useful video for you:

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Can I respec to another location? 

You just need to open the map and fast-travel to the location, which is found at the Raya Lucaria Grand Library Site of Grace.

I want to change my character’s class; can Respec allow me to change the class? 

No, respec only resets the skill points you previously set on your character, but it does not allow you to change classes. You can do it by resetting the game or starting a new one. 


As of writing this article, I haven’t finished my playthrough of Elden Ring. There are just too many things to do, places to explore, and stuff to discover! You won’t notice you have already spent more than 100+ hours in this game. I find it so enjoyable, and I hope that they make more video games like this! 

And here is an article that covers things you need to know about respec in Elden Ring. I hope you find this article useful. Just like in previous Souls games like Dark Souls, they offer the respec option, so you can change your character’s stats and try different builds, skills, weapons, and armor. 

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