Physical vs. Digital Games: Which Team Are You In?

Gamers have preferences in buying video games. Some prefer the old but good method of collecting physical games, while others prefer buying digital games online. There is also a debate on which is better, but …

Team Physical vs Team Digital

Gamers have preferences in buying video games. Some prefer the old but good method of collecting physical games, while others prefer buying digital games online. There is also a debate on which is better, but in this article, you will learn the pros and cons of each team (physical vs. digital games) and decide which side you will take. Here it goes!

Pros and Cons of Physical Games

SpaceTaking up Space
Resale and TradabilityLimited Deals
Not environment-friendly
Costs more to buy (delivery, shipping fees, etc)
Team physical pros and cons

Pros and Cons of Digital Games

Save more money and more dealsNot physically present
Space saverCannot trade or sell
Convenience in buyingDownload size
Does not run out of stockA limited number of consoles to play the game
Subscription offersDoes not entirely own the game
Team digital pros and cons

The tables above show the pros and cons of physical vs digital games in a nutshell. Now, let’s dive deeper, shall we?

Team Physical


Have a Room or Collection of Your Games Library

This is one of the main reasons why lots of gamers prefer keeping and collecting physical games. If you are a collector, then no doubt you belong to the team physical. Being able to stare at your prized collection is the ultimate reward of hunting those hard-to-find and ultra-rare games.

Flexibility and Resale

If you finish the game and want to turn it into money to buy another game, physical games can be sold or traded in the marketplace. You can also sell the game for a higher price based on its rarity. Many games were extremely expensive at the time of their release, but they are now so cheap that you can buy them for $2 (yes, seriously!). There are, however, some games that are mediocre or so-so but cost a fortune and may hurt your wallet! JRPGs are an example of this; while there are many great titles, there are also some that are average but considered gem due to their rarity.


If you’re on a budget and your friend has a game you want to play, you have an option to swap your game with a friend. You can share and enjoy more games without the additional cost of buying one. Or you can trade in your current game and pay for the price difference. That’s pretty sweet, isn’t it? You can enjoy and experience other games at a very minimal cost, or sometimes you get to earn a few bucks if your game has a higher value than the game you wish to trade.

my son, Miggy, with my growing games collection
My son, Miggy, with my growing game collection



Because of many factors to create a game, physical games are more expensive than digital games. You have to factor in the manufacturing costs, materials, printing, shipping, taxes, etc. These factors contribute to the amount of the game you wish to buy.

A good solution to this is buying second-hand games. Although you won’t be able to play the games on the release date, you will save lots of money. Just be careful and make sure to inspect the quality of the game you’re buying.

Collecting Games Takes Space

The game’s case and DVD are prone to deterioration and damage over time. Collecting physical video games takes up space and is unsuitable if the gamer has limited space at home. You also need to invest in a shelf and periodically clean it so you can maintain its quality.

Limited Deals

Physical Games are NOT Environment-friendly

The process of creating a game uses materials and resources. 

Buying Games may Cost you More when Buying in Stores Located inside Malls 

Although there is an option to buy it online, some gamers prefer to buy it face-to-face instead of having it shipped to their homes. 

Check out the world’s greatest collection of video games and get inspired by having a room full of games and consoles.

Video source: Guinness World Records

This concludes the details on team physical on the physical vs digital games match. Are you ready for the next team? Here goes!

Team Digital


Digital games are cheaper and have many great deals.

Digital stores like PlayStation are always on sale. They have monthly promos, and you can get old games (sometimes it’s the Game of the Year edition) for a terrific deal.

Space Saver

Digital games do not take up physical space, suitable for gamers who prefer a minimalistic setup. You also don’t need to worry about the deterioration of the case and the quality of the DVD.

Convenience in buying and playing

You can buy, download, and play immediately. No need to go to the store or order online and wait for days to receive the delivery.


You can buy the game anytime without worrying about being out of stock.

Subscriptions Offers

PlayStation store offers PS Plus, which is great because for a low price, you can subscribe and gain access to the vast library of their collection, and you play all you can! Microsoft XBOX, too, offers subscriptions like XBOX Live Gold membership. Nintendo has a Nintendo Switch Online subscription too!


Cannot Touch or Feel the Game

You can only stare at the game title when your console is turned on or browsing the app like the PlayStation app on your mobile device. 

You Cannot Sell or Trade Digital Games

Unless you share your account with others which is against the rules and may get you banned, you cannot sell or exchange digital games. 

Download Size Concerns

This issue applies to homes with limited/slow internet connections. Downloading the game takes time before you can play. For physical games, you can insert the disc and play instantly. Sometimes you need to download an update, but you can play it immediately.

The Game is Limited to the Account you are Using

If something happens to your online account, like being hacked, forgetting your password and locking the account, or worst case, being banned – your game goes away with it. 

You Have Unlimited Access but Do not ENTIRELY Own the Game

There are rare cases when the game company closes and decides to remove its game from the digital store library. The game will also get deleted from your list, and you won’t be able to play it in the future even though you bought it. No refunds will happen either.

The Winner

No doubt, the winner of the physical vs digital games match is… TEAM DIGITAL. The factor that made buying digital items the winner is the online subscriptions. For a modest fee, you open your possibilities to their servers of games which saves you money, time, and effort trying to find and collect the games one by one. 

kwing playing while my cat, Jiming is watching
Kwing playing while my cat, Jiming is watching

Earlier, I saw a very interesting YouTube video, and I agree with what he said! Check it out below:

Video Source: SpawnPoiint

Videogame companies are now selling collector’s editions that provide digital codes. I also love putting the games with steel books on a wall-mounted display! 

Bottom Line

Regardless of which team you prefer, it is PERFECTLY OKAY. In my case, I am in the middle. I have more than a hundred physical games in my collection, and I also subscribed to PS Plus Premium. That’s why I also enjoy the best of both worlds. 

As long as you are having a great time playing and enjoying your life, then that is what’s important!

So, which team are you on? Are you team physical? Digital? Or like me, in between, and enjoying both perks? Let me know by typing in the comments section below. 

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