Siofra River in Elden Ring: Where and How to Find it?

The Lands Between is a vast area with lots of fun stuff and great regions to discover, and one of these is getting to the region called the Siofra River! I have written a mini …

Where and How to Get to Siofra River in Elden Ring

The Lands Between is a vast area with lots of fun stuff and great regions to discover, and one of these is getting to the region called the Siofra River! I have written a mini guide that teaches you quick information on this optional region in Elden Ring. 

Are you ready? Here it goes! 

What is the Siofra River? 

The Siofra River is an optional location in the Lands Between. This is also one of the most beautiful environments in the Elden Ring game. This place is also an eye-candy and intriguing area because of the glowing stars-like shiny objects. But beware; the enemies here are tough and may beat you in an instant, so make sure you’re well-equipped before doing a side trip and visiting this underground region. 

You can reach this place by taking the lift in the Siofra River Well in Limgrave. 

Sofia Rivera??? 

I’ve seen a lot of search queries relating to this phrase. Maybe because it is easier to read or pronounce? But please note that the correct spelling is Siofra River, not ‘Sofia Rivera.’ There is no such thing in Elden Ring! 😆😂

How do I get to the Siofra River? 

From the Third Church of Marika, which is located in Limgrave, go south and follow the road; you will see a Minor Erdtree. Take a look at the map below:

Siofra River in Limgrave Map Location
Siofra River in Limgrave Map Location

Let’s Zoom further in to see the entrance to Siofra River underground region.

Siofra River in Limgrave Map Location Zoomed In
Siofra River in Limgrave Map Location Zoomed In

The entrance to the Siofra River (called Siofra River Well) is a little bit to the right of that tree. Take the elevator, and you will be taken underground. Watch as the environment changes.

The following video below shows my first visit to this location!

Source: Tara Bidyogeyms Tayo!

Where can I find the Siofra River map fragment? 

Locating the map of this region is one of the things you should do first. You can find the map fragment on the southeastern side of the Siofra River Bank, Site of Grace. Please see the map below for the location:

Siofra River map location
Siofra River map location

Is there a recommended level when exploring the Siofra River? 

We checked the responses from the Elden Ring Community, and the recommended levels when exploring this place are between 50 and 60, with upgrades of +8 and above. The enemies here are not that tough, but it will be longer and harder for your character to traverse this because your attack damage on enemies is lower. 

My Current Build

When I visit this place, my character is on Level 63, but I haven’t done any weapon upgrades because I am using Tree Sentinel’s Golden Halberd (Dual Wield), and this weapon requires a somber smithing stone to upgrade. So far, I am surviving and able to explore and enjoy the place!

How did you get the Dual Golden Halberd Weapon?

The weapon was given by a friend when I summoned him as a co-op on the multiplayer. Actually, he gave me more stuff, hehehe! Armor, Talisman, and some crafting ingredients! This is one of the great features of playing in co-op!

My current STR build character in Elden Ring.
My current STR build character in Elden Ring.

What to do in the Siofra River? 

Aside from the astounding view of the region, this place is pretty big; you will also find many items and encounter plenty of different enemies. There are also some interesting items that you shouldn’t miss, like stone sword keys, larval tears, and golden seeds. 

Are there bosses in the Siofra River? 

Yes, there are boss encounters in region, but they are optional bosses, and you can fight them anytime or run away if they are too strong for your character. They are the Ancestor Spirit and the Dragonkin Soldier. I will create a boss fight guide for these bosses later on. 

A little off-topic

I love Elden Ring to the point that I bought a digital copy on Steam. I enjoyed playing co-op with a friend who completed 100% of this game! We enjoyed ganging up on the bosses, defeating the invaders, and laughing and tripping on enemies, lol! This is fun to play on co-op!

My current playthrough is in shambles because I am steering away from the main story and enjoying the side quests and exploration so much! Anyway, I will just create a new game with a new character and focus on the main story later. The good thing is that I can create multiple game saves in the PC version of Elden Ring! 

In Summary

The Siofra River is one of the underground regions in the Lands Between that you shouldn’t miss. I hope that game companies take inspiration from it and create more games of this caliber! 

If you are looking for a more comprehensive guide about the Siofra River region, feel free to check out the wiki made by Fextralife.

I hope you enjoy reading this article! Feel free to reach out to me in the comments section.

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