How to Stream PS5 Gameplay without a Capture Card

Have you encountered a memorable and epic moment in a video game? The moment you finally beat an uber-difficult stage in a platforming game or defeat a boss that seems impossible to beat? You told …

Have you encountered a memorable and epic moment in a video game? The moment you finally beat an uber-difficult stage in a platforming game or defeat a boss that seems impossible to beat? You told your friends and peers about this, but they didn’t believe you? Nothing is more annoying than this: Your friends and those around you do not believe you overcame such a challenge.

It is a good thing that console games today support the recording and sharing of gameplay through streaming services like Twitch or YouTube. Whether you’re a seasoned streamer or just starting, the desire to share your gameplay with the world is common because you want everyone to witness your epic gaming moments (well, not all of us wanted that, hehe!).

This is for gamers who wish that others see their achievements. To stream high-quality videos and gameplay, you must invest in a capture card, which costs more. But wait, there’s this good news! There are alternative ways to broadcast gaming sessions without additional hardware! In this article, we will explore how to stream PS5 gameplay without a physical capture card!

How? It is through (1) the PS5 native built-in streaming feature and (2) Remote Play and broadcast via streaming software like OBS (Open Broadcaster Software).

First, let us answer these common questions:

Why stream your favorite gameplay?

  • Capture epic gameplay moments. You might be fighting a challenging boss, and you wish to capture the moment you defeat them.
  • Nostalgia
  • To upload content to your channel, this is useful for creators.
  • For bragging rights and by telling your friends and peers that you can do it.
  • To upload and replay these memorable experiences after a few decades and show your kids or grandkids how awesome a gamer you were!

What online platforms does PS5 support for online streaming?

  • YouTube
  • Twitch

Now that we know why and other things, let’s go straight to the topic!

There are two ways to stream games without a capture card:

  1. Using the PS5’s native game-sharing features
  2. Via PlayStation Remote Play, OBS Studio, or other streaming applications.

(1) Via PlayStation 5 Built-in Streaming Features

The PS5 comes equipped with built-in broadcasting features that allow you to stream directly from your console. These features eliminate the need for an external capture card, simplifying the streaming process and saving you some money.

How do I set up streaming features on PS5?

  1. Link your YouTube channel or Twitch account to your PlayStation account. On your console, go to Settings > Users and Accounts, then select Link with Other Services. You need to take some steps to link your account.
  2. Start playing the game you wish to stream. While playing your game, press the “Create” button on your PS5 or the “Share” button to access broadcasting options. You can select platforms like Twitch or YouTube and start streaming with just a few clicks.
  3. Go live. After you have configured the broadcast settings, you’re all set. Select “Go Live,” and the broadcast will begin.

MidnightMan perfectly described the steps in this video:

Video Source: MidnightMan

(2) Stream via Remote Play and capture using OBS Studio.

In this setup, you will need the following:

  • A Dedicated Gaming Console (Sony PlayStation 5)
  • A separate monitor to play your games
  • A gaming PC, laptop, or MacBook. We will use this to stream the gameplay.
  • PlayStation Remote Play app
  • Strong internet connection. To avoid loss in quality and latency because this process is bandwidth-intensive. Please note: For streaming higher video quality, your connection must be on a 5G frequency or via Ethernet cable because 5G has better data transfer.
  • Game capture software or streaming software (Streamlabs OBS).
  • Streaming Service. I recommend having a YouTube or a Twitch channel.

The following method will enable you to download and configure StreamLabs OBS.

  1. The first step is to download and install the OBS app, which is free.
  2. Open the OBS app. On the sources tab, click the + sign and add a display capture.
  3. Configure the OBS video settings and streaming settings for YouTube and Twitch.

Then, let’s set the Remote Play

  1. Download and install the PS Remote Play app on your Windows or Mac computer. Download it on the official PlayStation website.
  2. Connect your Dualsense controller to your computer using a USB cable. You can also use the Dualsense charging cable that is included in your PS5 console.
  3. Launch the PS Remote Play app and sign in to your PlayStation Network account.
  4. Connect your PS5 console to your computer by selecting “Connect to PS5” in the app.

Once we’re good with the remote play, let us now configure the OBS.

  1. Open OBS Studio and create a new scene.
  2. On the Streamlabs console, add a new source to the scene by selecting “Window Capture” and choosing the PS Remote Play app window.
  3. Adjust the settings to your liking, such as resolution and frame rate.
  4. Start streaming your gameplay to your preferred platform!
Video Source: KurseMark

And that’s it! You can now stream PS5 gameplay without a capture card! Isn’t that easy?

Are there other alternatives to OBS?

Yes, there are! I personally like OBS because it is free, simpler, and easier to configure. But if you wish to use other tools, here are some other software programs you can try. Please take note that some of them cost more, and the features may be better or worse than OBS. These apps have different ways to record gameplay, so make sure to pick one that you like most. Some of them offer free trial features on their apps too, and others are free to use, but plenty of advertising. Make sure to check 

  2. Wirecast
  3. vMix
  4. StreamYard
  5. XSplit Broadcaster
  6. Lightstream Studio
  7. Streamlabs
  8. FFsplit
  9. Xbox game bar

and many more!

Do you use a capture card?

Yes, I do! I use Avermedia Live Gamer Portable 2 Plus (GC513). I wanted to take the load off my console so it would be focused on processing the gameplay, which is why I invested in a video capture card. The GC513 has a PC-free feature that records the gameplay into an SD card and 4K passthrough. My second option would be the Elgato capture card, but I went with the GC513 because of the PC-free feature.

If you wish to use a capture card, I recommend buying from trusted brands like Avermedia or Elgato. They’re the leading brands when it comes to recording and streaming. There is a debate about the best capture card available, but we will not deep dive into that topic in this article.


Being able to stream PS5 gameplay without a capture card is a great feature, especially for first time streamers and those with PC builds on a budget. However, if you plan to become a game streamer and conduct live streams regularly, we strongly recommend that you invest in a video game capture card. You may spend more buying it, but the difference in quality is big.

I hope this article helps you set up and stream your favorite Playstation 5 video games even without a video capture card. You can also check this article, How to Transfer Gameplay Clips from PlayStation to Phone.

If you have questions, please feel free to post them in the comments section below.

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