Are you a Video Game Collector or Gamer? Here’s How to Tell

Are you a video game collector or a gamer? It’s a question that many video game enthusiasts have asked themselves at some point. Find out more!

Are you a Gamer or Collector? Here's How to Tell

Are you a video game collector or a gamer? It’s a question that many video game enthusiasts have asked themselves at some point. While there is certainly overlap between the two, some critical differences set collectors apart from casual gamers. In this blog post, we’ll explore the signs to tell the difference between the two. 

But first, let us define what a collector and a gamer is. 

gamer focuses more on gaming, regardless of which platform or type of game they have. They focus more on beating the story and optional missions and love replaying the game for either hitting the trophy, unlocking multiple endings, etc. 

collector loves playing games too. But they’re more inclined to collect. They focus on getting a physical copy of the game, steel case, or limited edition version of whatever game they want. 

Can people become both a collector and a gamer

Absolutely! This article is just a guide to know which side they prefer. 

Can they switch priorities? Definitely! 

Here are some scenarios/conditions, and I will mark the gamer as “G” and the collector as “C.” Are you ready? Here we go!

Scenarios and Events

There’s an upcoming new game.

G: “I’m so hyped! I can’t wait for this to play this game!”

C: I’m gonna get the limited edition, day one edition of this freakin’ awesome game! 

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Both collectors and gamers are excited to grab a copy of this new game! 😅

Found a rare, old game

G: argh! Another one to the list of games I need to plat!

C: I need to get the super limited edition of this freak! Shoot, I need to save up; the preorder date’s coming soon! 

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Platinum trophies

G: This is my nth plat! Gotta grind, gotta grind! 

C: Basta ako matapos ko lang story, ok na! (Looking at Shopee / Amazon for the next game to buy) 

Sale on one year for Subscription plans (PC Game pass, PS Plus) 

G: Damn! More games to play, so little time! 

C: Gonna subs so I can check which other games are great, then I have to hunt a copy! 

New console coming



Both love et! 

Upcoming E3 Event



Both love et! 

The game developer announced a new DLC for the game

G: Nice! More story unfolding even though I got the GOTY edition! I got it for free on the PS5 upgrade! 

C: (I hope they released a game of it just like Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Searching for YouTube for the walkthrough***

Being too busy / too tired

G: “Sleep… is… for… the… weak,” snoring after 2 minutes! 

C: Sipping his coffee, relaxing in his game room, staring at his games collection. Ahh, bliss! 

Going for a trip to another country for a few weeks 

G: No problemo! * Pulls his Nintendo Switch, Steam Deck, and another handheld gaming device!

C: Googling for the game stores to scour and look for hidden gems and collectibles! 

A family member or relative wishes to play or borrow your console/game

Both G and C: 

Berserker barrage! 

Selling the game or console

Both G and C:

Crying out loud 

Thoughts on an overly hyped game, but surprisingly got a low review

G: Damnit! Crying while enjoying the game

C: Puts down the game and starts looking for the next game to collect

Finishing a game that’s more than 300 hours in overall gameplay

G: Super sulit! (worth the money)

C: Puts down the game and starts looking for the next game to collect. 😆

Thoughts on console and game scalpers

Both G and C:

Berserker barrage

Thoughts on emulating or downloading a pirated game to play

G: Nah, PS Plus / Other game subscription is more than enough already! Also, I can buy these old games at super low prices on Steam! 

C: Boo! Go physical! Go legit! 

Please note: we discourage gamers from playing pirated games even though there are countless debates that emulation is legal, which is true. However, emulation is a catalyst for piracy because it enables others to play pirated ROMs. 

Console wars 

Both G and C: Peace! No to console wars! Let’s enjoy gaming!

On game remasters to next-gen console/remakes

Both G and C: Gotta catch ’em all! 

Team Physical vs. Team Digital

G: I don’t care which platform it may be available on, as long as I can play it! But if there’s a sale on Nintendo E-shop or PS Store, go digital! 

C: 90% physical, 10% digital

Are you having a good laugh and can somehow relate to some of the scenarios and how a video game collector or a gamer reacts? We’re not done yet, here are other scenarios!

An AAA game making a series or movie adaptation

Both G and C: This better be like The Last of Us Series! 

Super sale 1.1, 2.2, 3.3 … 11.11, 12.12, 13.13

G: Torn between buying a few games or completing his overwhelming backlogs! 

C: Spends all his money buying the games as much as he can! 

Sending and sharing gaming memes

Both G and C: What an amazing day it is! 

Buying new controllers, upgrading SSD of consoles

G: I finally upgraded my console’s SSD! Now I can play and never delete the games! 

C: Limited edition console! Limited edition accessory! Added to cart*** 

Buying a new tv for gaming!

G: Got the highest quality tv for the ultimate gaming experience! 

C: I got the biggest size tv for ultimate display for my gaming room! 


G: pays for the preorder to experience the game

C: pays for the preorder to get the day one release! 

Play arts

G: “Damn, my fave character’s amazing!” Stares at the photo in the net and goes back to playing games

C: Receives an email with the subject: “Congratulations! You just bought one Play Arts! Please expect delivery in a few days.”

Thoughts on gaming tournaments

G: I’m gonna participate and become the next champ! I’m gonna own this tournament! 

C: Doesn’t care much and continues to browse at Amazon for the next game to collect

Scouring the earth to find stores that offer rare gems related to gaming

G: Doesn’t care much! Hits his most recent platinum trophy and -1 to his backlogs! 

C: Now, wondering if his decision in life is correct.😆🤯😅 He’s flat broke and has no more space in his house to place his new collection!

Walking at a mall and saw a stranger wearing gamer’s clothes or accessories 

Both G and C: That dude’s childhood days are awesome! 

So far, here are the scenarios and conditions that I can think of, and you’ll notice that somehow you related to at least one or two of the reactions above. 


A gamer or a collector may differ in their philosophy about gaming, but the bottom line is: They both love games. Whether you are a video game collector or a gamer, it is still great! What’s more important is that you enjoy what you love most about gaming and be nice to the community and everyone around you.

I hope you find a good laugh with the entries above.

Did I miss anything? If so, please let me know in the comments or message me on my social media handles, and I’ll be happy to add it to the list! 

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